Alleged Copy, Ma Non Troppo, Fest

Thanks to the ever observant James Brechney for pointing this out. You should subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Here is ‘Animal Beatbox’, the 2011 winning film of TropFest, the biggest short film festival in the world.

It is written and directed by Damon Gameau.Or perhaps it should be Damon Gateau. Cos it kinda takes the cake.

Because ‘Animal Beatbox’ looks a lot like the clip ‘Dog Cat’ that Eustus made and uploaded to YouTube in September last year, featuring an audio track produced by adam and ‘jag kiranmay’.

To be fair, Damon’s flukily similar short film has a lot more going on, and took a lot more work. But gosh they’re similar. I’m just saying, is all.

Chances are it’s just a massive coincidence. Ten years ago, before YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and blogging being all the rage, it wouldn’t have mattered. Both films could have existed side-by-side with few, or anyone being the wiser. Except, perhaps, for some geek who would dedicate a chapter to it in the book based on the film studies thesis written before graduating from somewhere. Now nerds like me ensure everyone knows about it almost immediately.