Jack And Jill


A little while ago I stumbled upon the Hollywood Thanksgiving Trope. I'm sure I was always aware of it, but I only became aware that I was aware of it while discussing the most important US holiday with my American boss. It was for a Thanksgiving-related CunningList article.

With that fresh in my mind, I couldn't help but use it as my point of departure when reviewing Jack And Jill for FilmInk.

Normally, I don't spend time ruminating on art I don't particularly like. But when asked to review a current release film, you owe it to your readers to let them know when they're possibly going to be wasting time and money. It's a different story for a take-home DVD where it can be stopped and replaced with another one as cheaply bought or rented while there's still time to see something else.

It's a long 90 minutes when Katie Holmes is a pleasure to see - although the real pleasure is seeing her get beat up by a jealous tranny [1] towards the end… Read the review.

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1. Apologies to any transvestite who finds the term ‘tranny’ perjorative – although David Spade owes you a bigger apology. And Sandler owes a bigger one still. To everyone.

Talkin' Turkey: The CunningList's
Thanksgiving Episode




Turns out today is Thanksgiving Day, an American holiday that's growing in significance in Australia like Halloween. Except that, culturally, Thanksgiving is more significant, not just cos you get to stuff yourself on more than just candy. It's like secular Christmas a month early. Of course I got to write about it in The CunningList.


Thanksgiving TLC


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Happy Thanksgiving.