Surely I can't be the only one to have made the (cartoon) connection…


I spotted Alex Wileman on the telly the other night in an ad for 'incontinence underwear' - which is a much nicer way of saying 'adult diaper'. And that's the point - it is no longer an 'adult diaper'. Here is a gorgeous woman who can feel comfortable in sexy frock evening wear. See for yourself:

Of course, I remember Alex Wileman not just from her presenting the Lotto draw; I remember when I I was a[n older] kid, and a new a morning show started up on the 7 Network called Cartoon Connection. Like the long disappeared (by that stage) Super Flying Fun Show, hosted by 'Miss Marilyn' Mayo but jettisoned in favour of a morning news show, Cartoon Connection essentially delivered cartoons, the space between filled with banter courtesy of gorgeous blonde host and a sidekick called Michael. (This is before Agro took over Cartoon Connection.)

Sideline: The first Michael, Michael Pope, now regularly seen being the 'audience warm-up guy' in the theatre before the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala. He left Cartoon Connection to host a lousy game show that was axed almost immediately. Then Michael Horrocks - who had a music studio sideline, where Mental As Anything's Martin Plaza recorded his 1994 solo album, a collection of Lou Reed songs entitled Andy's Chest; Horrocks also co-hosted a Saturday Morning pop video show with another gorgeous blonde, Kym Wilson.

Here are Alex and Micheal number 2 in action:

Back to Alex Wileman.

Being a slightly older kid, I remembered Alex Wileman, Cartoon Connection host, as the gorgeous chick in the bikini in the Mello Yello ad - Mello Yello being a lemon-based fizzy drink - whose name is slyly inspired by the Donavan song that tells of the alleged 'high' created by smoking banana peels.

Now, I kind of think it's amusing - not, ironically, 'piss yourself laughing' funny, but amusing - that Alex Wileman's career has gone from being associated with a yellow liquid in an ad, clad in not much clothes, to being associated with a yellow liquid in an ad, clad in not much clothes.

Perhaps they might think about combining the two: Alex Wileman, in Depend Real Fit, chugging buddy bottle after buddy bottle of Mello Yello. Could there be a better endorsement of either product? I don't think so.