Half human half robot Lego minifigure

Kids Lego copy


Some time ago I blogged about my nephew, whose 'work around the house' consists of playing with Lego. It's still his primary occupation. (Well, those houses, trucks and spaceships are not gonna build themselves!)

However, he's ramped the work up a bit, going so far to design a new minifigure. He's sent his design to Lego's Australian office, with a note (transcribed by his mum):

"Please can you make a Lego man that is half man, half robot please. This is what it would look like. For the next minifigure series."

I think this would be a pretty cool Lego minifigure!









Leg... Oh!
(Or: Pull the other, other one.)

Jobs We Do At Home

My five-year-old nephew Hunter drew an excellent picture at school, illustrating 'Jobs We Do At Home'.

It features Hunter, his brother Dylan, his sister Olivia, his Dad and his Mum typically toiling about the house.

Look closely:


Kids Lego copy


Clearly, the job Hunter, Dylan and Olivia do at home involves picking up Lego.


Mum vacuums


Mum vacuums. Note the long tube with the attachment on the end. 

Perhaps Mum's third leg - the curvy one in the middle - is in fact the vacuum cleaner, at her feet.

When not working at home, Mum is a doctor. She says her kids rarely see her vacuum.


Dad uses laptop


Dad is also a doctor. And he also appears to have a third leg.

At home, it seems, he works on his laptop. Sometimes, if the picture is to be believed, without his pants on.

Okay, I'm willing to accept Dad's spine protrudes to form the vestige of a tail; it occurs more frequently than you think. For a kid, even a tiny protrusion looms large - hence Hunter's extreme depiction of it.

Actually, the reason for Dad's third leg is far more interesting.

Turns out Dad was discussing one of his favourite bands, Alice in Chains, with Hunter. Alice in Chains' 1995 self-titled album features a three-legged dog on the cover. And a photo of Francisco (Frank) Lentini on the back. Marvel at the resemblance: Hunter has rendered his Dad after Lentini.