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Gillard on her teacher

"Dear Friend," Prime Minister Julia Gillard wrote to me in a personal email today. "Wherever I go in Australia, I see so many examples of excellence and hear so many stories of inspiring teachers. A great education is one of the most important gifts we can receive."

She goes on to talk about her inspirational English teacher, Mr Crowe, who taught her at Mitcham Primary School.

"Not only did I learn English from him, he taught us the importance of having confidence in your own voice."

She tells us all about him in a clip on her Facebook page and invites fellow Australians to post their own message, photo or film regarding their favourite teachers. (Don't try clicking the image at the top, it's a screen cap; use the highlighted link above.)

What with all the drama this last week - which continues to unfold - I couldn't resist. I had to contribute. Maybe my favourite teacher was a certain Senior English Master at The King's School, Parramatta: Mr Alan Jones.

(You don't know. He might have been my favourite teacher - even if he was never actually my teacher.)

Watch out - I'm about to die of shame. Because of the hideous tie!

My post doesn't seem to have appeared on the Prime Minister's right honourable timeline. Can't imagine why! But this is what it looked like…

Screen Shot 2012-10-06 at 11.29

Fact is, I did have genuinely inspirational teachers, about whom I shall write in a future blog post. Meanwhile, checking the headlines, it turns out Alan Jones has become a magician.

Copy of 526988-alan-jones

No, really. He's made a $250,000 vehicle disappear. Mercedes-Benz are confiscating his sponsored car.