Jared Jekyll - Loony Bin



Jared Jekyll is debuting at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year with his show Loony Bin. Here is a clip promoting his show, directed by Jeremy Belinfante. (If I were honest, I'd admit I thought they were the same guy to begin with. In fact, I'm not entirely convinced they're not.)



As it happens, I'm doing a Festival show too. Here is the poster frommy show, which I will tell you all about later.


Blake: A True Visionary
(Mitchell, not William…)


I profiled Blake Mitchell - along with Ash Jattan and the comedy rooms they're involved with - not too long ago.

Blake's exploits continue to be interesting and entertaining, and I know I'll have more to say about this later. For now, rest assured, he is a true visionary. Enjoy this clip fellow comic Joel White put together. Joel - who podcasts with Luke Walding as Waldo & Whitey - has had the genius idea to have his mum read a selection of Blake's recent tweets.

Photos (in the clip) are by Jeremy Belinfante.