Help catch this cab…


Jason Chatfield landed in hospital after trying to catch a cab:

I woke up this morning in Emergency at the Alfred Hospital. The right side of my head throbbing, not able to open my jaw, my drawing arm shredded up from my shoulder to my wrist and my hips shooting pain up my spine as I tried to move my legs – and I’m told the first thing I was saying was “Shit, it’s easier to get an Ambulance in Melbourne than a bloody taxi.”

I need your help – I need you to pass this on to anyone you can who might have been in Melbourne last night around 3:22am – if you know someone who went out, if you know someone who lives in the area, if you bought a burger from Lord of the Fries and wandered anywhere around the corner of COLLINS STREET and ELIZABETH STREET, 3:22am.

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