7 Day Monday

One of my favourite podcasts at the moment is 7 Day Sunday, featuring comedians Chris Addison, Andy Zaltzman and Sarah Millican, often with other guests. It’s a Sunday morning overview of the previous week’s news. On BBC5 in England. In Australia, it’s a podcast I try to remember to listen to on Monday while it’s still more-or-less relevant.

Although more recently, it’s also the source of a Sunday night (Australian time) challenge I attempt to rise to. Addison will tweet for audience suggestions regarding an issue that’s been in the press. I try to contribute something funny and clever enough to make it to air.

This week the question was, what can former British PM Gordon Brown do now that he’s resigned?

I’ve always thought Brown was separated-at-birth twin of Monty Python’s Terry Jones.

My suggestion made it to air. And it made Andy Zaltzman and Sarah Millican laugh. Nice.