You and Bjork’s Army

Icelandic chanteuse Bjork has announced a special fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that took place in the Indian Ocean.

Apparently, ever since the song ‘Army of Me’ was released in the mid-90s on the CD Post, people have been posting her unsolicited remixes of the song. She finally solicits further submissions, to the e-mail address [email protected], so that she may release a double CD of the best ones.

Here is my version: ‘Army of Me (ABC NewsRadio Remix)’. It’s lifted from the most recent Music News segment (downloadable from the righthand margin of this blog until about 7:30 pm on Friday 21 January EST) and features Debbie Spillane and Demetrius Romeo. I’m hoping it might be one of those surprise, unlisted tracks that appear about two hours after the CD is over.

Or better still, it could be like the Nick Cave songs on the X Files CD, Songs in the Key of X, that were hidden at the beginning of the disc; you had to press the ‘rewind’ button before the first song started to find them.

So there’s an idea: download my ‘remix’ now, and after you buy the double CD set, play it before you tuck into the proper collection.