Artless Bastard?

Yowie Bernardi?

We’re all familiar with the role of the Daily Telegraph (and its interstate tabloid equivalents) as power-brokers creating regime change in Australia.

Regime change

And so, on the day after Senator Cory Berndardi makes headlines for ‘defecting from’ (leaving) the Liberal Party to found his own, all-new ultra-conservative party, you wouldn’t be the only one to find the timing and nature of the following news story suspicious:

Yowie story

Yowies are being re-introduced to the market in Australia. This is real news. Hard news. For, surely, most of us didn’t even realise Yowies had ever been off the market. Where was Tim the Yowie Man when yowies needed their profile raised?!

One of the quirky news stories that came up in the Twitter feeds throughout the day was Cory’s insistence on handing out Easter eggs to the press corps last year.

Yowie Bernardi

You know what this means, don’t you: nationalism, bread and circuses – this is the first phase of bread and circuses from Bernardi’s yet-to-be-formed new party. Heck, at this stage, I wouldn’t even be surprised if it were the ‘Wowie Wow Zowie Yowie Party’.

Mark my words: Easter 2017.

Yowie Bernardi_02



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