Getting the Finger from Jerry Garcia
Adam Goodes chucks a pretend spear and Australia chucks a very real wobbly

Vale Stuart Wagstaff 13 February 1925 – 10 March 2015

Stuart Wagstaff

Rest in Peace, Stuart Wagstaff - one of Australia's finest BLANKS.

 There will be no shortage of tributes and obituaries for Stuart Wagstaff - an entertainer with a lifelong career on stage and screen. In addition to a series of cigarette ads I barely remember (tobacco advertising ended on Australian television in 1976 - replaced by intense ad campaigns for matches) Wagstaff was a regular panelist on the game show Blankety Blanks. Which was still enjoying repeats in the late 1980s. It also had a spin-off brand of lemonade. Featuring a who's who of Australian celebrities, it proved a popular DVD release.

Here are some random excerpts courtesy of Youtube:





(Here's the soft drink ad if you really need to see it.)


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