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Chelsea Morning - another potential Leaky Wik


Curiouser and curiouser.

If I had a radio show, right about now I'd be employing my best Joni Mitchell sound-alike to record a version of 'Chelsea Morning'. With parody lyrics. About Chelsea Manning. Who used to be Bradly Manning. A man. At the centre of a massive whistleblowing military espionage saga.

"Woke up. It was - uh - Chelsea Manning? And the first thing that I heard..."

I wouldn't spend any time at all giving the gal grief about her gender reassignment.

It'd be a ballad almost entirely addressing her whistleblowing saga.

Which, let's face it, has taken a decidedly unexpected turn.




Is it an elaborate CIA plot to further discredit Julian Assange? An ASIO plot to ensure Assange doesn't outpol Liberal or Labor candidates in his run for the Aussie Senate? An ASIO plot to ensure Assange DOES outpol Liberal and Labor senate candidates?

I'm not making fun at Chelsea - although it's cute that Wiki Leak stories always lead to groinal transgressions (the leaky wiks!). It's just, reality rarely hands you such an obvious circumstance like this, virtually screaming for you to re-write the words in a more topical vein.

But I can't do any of that. So instead, enjoy Joni Mitchell delivering 'Chelsea Morning' and imagine your own parody lyrics.


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