RIP T - Whaddayagonnado?
Leg... Oh!
(Or: Pull the other, other one.)

Clothing Time



Suddenly, a parcel arrives, and I'm excited - I see by the packaging that it's from Tom Waits. Well, it's Tom Waits merchandise, from Anti, the label he's signed to. A hoody, from a new line of clothing. I'm plenty excited.

How excited?

I'm reaching for my phone, to take a photo of it before I've opened it.

I know I'm gonna blog about this.

Already, I'm formulating the title:

'Tom Waits for No One'?

Nah. I'd have to have used that before, surely.

I know.

'Clothing Time', after the title of his debut album.


And then - I kid you not - I wake up.

That's right.

I purchase merchandise related to the artists I love, over the internet. While I sleep. And then devise stupid puns for blogposts, ensuring - to the best of my ability - that I'm not repeating a stupid pun I devised earlier. While I sleep.

Yay me.


** Addendum **

 My buddy Annemarie sent me a link to a Tom Waits hoody on Etsy almost before she'd finished reading this post - turns out dreams can come true!





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