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Pimp my head (yes, it's for realsies)

Dom hairy

"Now," he smiled; producing like a magician a lump of modeling clay with which he replaced the broken-off nose. "What sort of nose did you have in mind?"

What else: Irish, she wanted, turned up. Like they all wanted. To none of them did it occur that the retrousse nose too is an aesthetic misfit: a Jew nose in reverse, is all. Few had ever asked for a so-called "perfect" nose, where the roof is straight, the tip untilted and unhooked, the columella (separating the nostrils) meeting the upper lip at 90 degrees.
V. - Thomas Pynchon

Dom bald

Khaleesi does it


Hanging for the next episode of Game of Thrones, small consolation is the work of other nerds who have found ways to fill the waiting hours.

Here's a compilation clip of Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glenn) saying 'Khaleesi' (that is, Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke).

And here's a clip from my alma mater. Someone sitting outside Fisher Library recognised the carillon from the main quad playing the Main Title Theme from Game of Thrones and recorded it on their phone. Thanks to Juhyun Pak for bringing it to my attention.

And, oh look, I've found another clip - from inside the corillon control room. I think I've found my new ringtone.


Dear me. I didn't mean to keep adding to this post, but I keep finding new clips or people like Jessica Louise send me cool links. Here's the Game Of Thrones theme rendered by cats. Yeah I know. Isn't it just.

Surely I can't be the only one to have made the (cartoon) connection…


I spotted Alex Wileman on the telly the other night in an ad for 'incontinence underwear' - which is a much nicer way of saying 'adult diaper'. And that's the point - it is no longer an 'adult diaper'. Here is a gorgeous woman who can feel comfortable in sexy frock evening wear. See for yourself:

Of course, I remember Alex Wileman not just from her presenting the Lotto draw; I remember when I I was a[n older] kid, and a new a morning show started up on the 7 Network called Cartoon Connection. Like the long disappeared (by that stage) Super Flying Fun Show, hosted by 'Miss Marilyn' Mayo but jettisoned in favour of a morning news show, Cartoon Connection essentially delivered cartoons, the space between filled with banter courtesy of gorgeous blonde host and a sidekick called Michael. (This is before Agro took over Cartoon Connection.)

Sideline: The first Michael, Michael Pope, now regularly seen being the 'audience warm-up guy' in the theatre before the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala. He left Cartoon Connection to host a lousy game show that was axed almost immediately. Then Michael Horrocks - who had a music studio sideline, where Mental As Anything's Martin Plaza recorded his 1994 solo album, a collection of Lou Reed songs entitled Andy's Chest; Horrocks also co-hosted a Saturday Morning pop video show with another gorgeous blonde, Kym Wilson.

Here are Alex and Micheal number 2 in action:

Back to Alex Wileman.

Being a slightly older kid, I remembered Alex Wileman, Cartoon Connection host, as the gorgeous chick in the bikini in the Mello Yello ad - Mello Yello being a lemon-based fizzy drink - whose name is slyly inspired by the Donavan song that tells of the alleged 'high' created by smoking banana peels.

Now, I kind of think it's amusing - not, ironically, 'piss yourself laughing' funny, but amusing - that Alex Wileman's career has gone from being associated with a yellow liquid in an ad, clad in not much clothes, to being associated with a yellow liquid in an ad, clad in not much clothes.

Perhaps they might think about combining the two: Alex Wileman, in Depend Real Fit, chugging buddy bottle after buddy bottle of Mello Yello. Could there be a better endorsement of either product? I don't think so.