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Michael Palin (image pilfered from The Guardian)


I was approached to provide a guest blog post on the Sydney Opera House 'Ideas at the House' website, about Michael Palin, in honour of his Life of Palin: From Monthy Python to Brazil appearance at the Opera House on Saturday.

Here's a taster:


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a comedian in possession of a couple of good seasons of sketch or sitcom must be in want of a documentary series.

Bill Bailey (the put-upon Manny Bianco in Black Books) helped save endangered species; Richard Wilson (the cantankerous Victor Meldrew with One Foot In The Grave) drove vintage cars to beautiful villages across Britain’s scenic roads; Stephen Fry flitted across the United States; Griff Rhys Jones (Not the Nine O’Clock News, Alas Smith & Jones) climbed mountains, hurtled down rivers and visited capital cities; Martin Clunes  (one of the Men Behaving Badly) became one of dogs’ best friends; and Tony Robinson (The Blackadder’s dogsbody, Baldrick) remains the history go-to guy.

While you could argue Clive James pioneered the funny guy-turned-traveller trick there’s no denying the man who owns the trademark is Michael Palin. Read more…


Part 2 will be up later today.

I'll also be live tweeting the event, 5pm Saturday (Sydney time) with the hashtag #MichaelPalin.


Python-era Palin.

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