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Elvis Costello & The Imposters -
Australian Tour 2013

So Elvis Costello is back in 2013. He was last here late 2009 doing a solo turn - I remember having to make an early departure from the first night of the World's Funniest Island Festival on Cockatoo Island to get to the Enmore Theatre for what was an excellent show that reinterpreted a lot of the old songs and divided a lot of the audience.

I'll write more before the tickets go on sale on October 29, but for now, here's a photo. It's from backstage at the Capitol Theatre back in 1999. On that tour, it was just Elvis and his long-time keyboard player Steve Nieve.

EC_Backstage capitol


I was lucky. I'd run into Tom from Universal. Who used to be Tom from EMI when I was a shop assistant at Mall Music, back in the day: I was a massive record-collecting music nerd who'd scored a summer job at the record shop where I'd bought my first record ('Beatles Movie Medley', if you must know - a 1982 single put together to promote Reel Music, a compilation of songs from the various Beatles films) and most of my records subsequently. Tom was the sales rep from EMI. Record labels don't have sales reps anymore - shops who still stock music phone in orders (to some off-shore answering service, probably) and a box of stuff they never ordered mysteriously arrives. Back in the day, each major distributor - that would be the home to a multitude of labels - would send out sales representatives who would take orders for back catalogue items as well as showing off advanced copies of new releases.

Tom and I hit it off because he was a Liverpudlian who happened to be a Beatles fan to boot. And, as it turns out, Elvis Costello was also a Liverpudlian who happened to be a Beatles fan to boot.

So in 1999 at the Capitol I ran into Tom and made big fanboy eyes and asked if there was any chance of going backstage. There were a heap of people I knew from various music shops. Tom said, 'wait here, I'll see what I can do' and we were ushered backstage.

What do you say to Elvis Costello?

I could only come up with shop talk:

"Loving the reissues with all the bonus tracks, but when are we gonna get a decent live anthology?"

"Well," Elvis replied, "it's not like we haven't tried. But it's the Neil Young thing, you know, every time you think you've got the album finished, you realise you've overlooked something important that should be on it."

Or words to that effect.
One of the guys I recognised was Ric - who'd worked at cool collector store Rocking Horse in Brisbane and come to Sydney and worked at the mecca of music stores still standing, Red Eye and would go on to open Egg Records with his brother-in-law Baz, where I'd work from time-to-time. Ric came equipped with stuff to sign: a copy of Trust and a publicity photo. I had no idea I'd wind up backstage, hogging the photo. But I had a ticket!


Come back for a more involved exploration of the oeuvre of Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus. And - hopefully - a cool caricature from Nick O'Sullivan.

Check back soon. Meanwhile:


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