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Waitsing with bated breath


It wasn't even a year ago my fingers were jumping for j0y across the computer keyboard, blogging about an impending Tom Waits release. It started with the airing of the first single, Bad As Me on Soundcloud. There were cool clips of listening parties in the back of rusting cars and the like. Remember?

Now, with much less lead time and, it appears, no tasters being distributed anywhere just yet, Tom's letting us know about an impending… something… via some visual teasers. Not long to go.

Smart money is that it's a tour, since albums can take ages for him. (Bad As Me came after an extended silence.)

The evidence appears to be his recent performance of 'Raised Right Men' on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:



There was a recent appearance on Letterman just before it, as well…



…where he performed 'Chicago'…



Let's hope he brings it to Australia.

Although I must admit, I'd dig a new album, too.



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