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Paralympic Streaker

If I were editing a British tabloid, the headline would have to read something like

My, Oh, Maya Naked!-nishi

and maybe point out that the act of 'streaking' used to mean 'running very fast' before it meant 'getting your gear off', but now means both at once thanks to paralympic sprinter Maya Nakanishi.

You see, she's gone and raised money for her London Games by posing nude for a limited edition calendar. Which, of course, has sold out its print run.

At this point, I should throw it open to the blogosphere, and have you suggest which olympic hopefuls you'd love to see au naturel. Apart from everyone's favourite petite Russian gymnast, Nadia Getsergearoff, obviously.

Maya Nakanishi shows us her pink bits. Pilfered image: Japan Daily Press


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