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Paul Weller sings 'Birthday'

Paul Weller's gone and recorded a cover of the Beatles' 'Birthday' for Paul McCartney's 70th. Which is nice. Amazon's selling it online as a fundraiser for 'War Child' (a charity that provides aid to children affected by war).

First, some background.

You may recall the existence of the Smokin' Mojo Filters - a 'supergroup' that included Paul Weller, Paul McCartney and Noel Gallagher. They recorded 'Come Together' (from whose lyric the group took its name) for the album Help, an all-star compilation album released in 1995 to raise money for War Child.

If you don't know that version, here's a clip to enjoy:


But back to 'Birthday': 

I remember  selling a lot of copies of The Beatles' 'The White Album' back in the day, because people wanted "you know, that rocky version of birthday - the one that goes…" - and they'd sing the riff - "nah nah nah nah nah nah - you say it's your birthday". And as I was the resident Beatle nut, I'd be the one who'd know it was the Beatles and point them to the album it was on. (Note: it was also on the compilation double album Rock'n'Roll Music - which, by that stage, was two single, budget albums in Australia. So you could find it on Rock'n'Roll Music Vol 2.)

So Paul Weller's gone and recorded it. Here he is talking it - and Macca - up.

You should download it immediately. But it's only available for one day. If you missed it, here's the YouTube clip. Enjoy. And dig the artwork by Georgina Flood.

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