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Wedding compilation photoI have expounded upon weddings before, from the art of small-talk to the quality of bomboniere and all points between. Okay, some points between. Actually, just aspects of the hens’ night, really.

Point is, a good wedding is judged by the quality of these things along with that of the grog, food, wedding party outfits and speeches.

You'll see this in action particularly at a 'wog-wedding', where older relatives (ie people like me) will recall the 'good old days' when the menu was still stuck in the 1950s: the billions of courses always included a massive platter of prawns at around 11pm; the coffee always came with stuff profiteroles and cannoli, and the pasta course was mostly traditional (ie NOT vegetarian) lasagna, with a massive bowl of more regular 'big spaghetti' carted from table to table for i nonni who don't go in for the fancy shmancy stuff. There also had to be fresh and powdered chili on hand for that generation of Italian patriarch. This attitude pervades, despite the fact you'll be fed your body-weight, irrespective of how nouveau the Italian cuisine is.

But beyond menus, frocks and knick-knacks, there are other ways to make your wedding stand out from all the others.

Clearly, comedian Danny McGinlay and his missus Lesya Bryndzia have raised the bar rather impressively with The Story, directed by Hayden Bevis and Jarrod Factor. (Perhaps give 'em a job doing such parodies for telly after the honeymoon…)

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