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Smells Like Holy Spirit

I don't know how you feel about the current pontif, Pope Benedict XVI. I know it annoys my Catholic mum a little when I refer to him as the Nazi Pope - which sounds like a cheap shot, him being German and all. Especially when I voice my admiration for his predecessor, John Paul II, the 'Jewish Pope'. An equally cheap shot, because John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla) was Polish and lived in Krakow during Nazi occupation. (It also annoys my mum when I refer to my aunt-who's-a-nun as 'The Aunty Christ'.)

But I found it interesting that the Nazi Pope now has his own cologne. Don't know if it's based on frankinsence or myrrh, or if it comes in its own miniature thurible (the incense burner-on-a-chain that the priest gets to swing around). But I'm sure it'll be perfect for ridding you of that loaves-and-fishes smell after a hard day feeding multitudes. And hopefully the Vatican City gift stores will do a nice Holy Father's Day giftpack with the similarly scented Pope-on-a-Rope.




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