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Benny Davis Ears



Portrait of Benny Davis by Alex E. Clark



"This Guy Blows"

When not making with the funny business and sweet, sweet music with Axis of Awesome, or otherwise being a musical genius, Benny Davis is a Human Jukebox. Benny the Jukebox, in fact. Send him a request; if he's heard the song, he can play it. With harmonies, chords etc.

Barry Humphries once declared the guitar 'that most loathesome of instruments'; a session musician banjo player with a pager is said to be the very definition of optimistic; being able to hurl a piano accordion into a skip without hitting the sides is the true meaning of 'perfect pitch'; and the melodica isn't the most ridiculous instrument, only because the keytar and the stylophone both still exist. But for most, it's still an ill wind that blows no good. Benny doesn't just make you not want to snap the melodica over the head of the guy playing it for a change - he actually gives it respectability.

And he has his own YouTube channel for his clips. Because the age of the TV advertised J&B album is over.

Enjoy a recent YouTube clip of his. Dig Dick Dale's 'Misirlou' at 5:50!

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