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Phuklub and Ha Ha Alternative Comedy

Ha Ha Alternative Comedy Returns


The Short Version:

Ha Ha Alternative Comedy is starting up again Sunday 8 January at the Roxbury Hotel - 182 St Johns Road, Glebe.

It's a brilliant line-up for the first night: Nick Capper, Ben Ellwood, Blake Mitchell, Nick Sun with feature Shane Matheson and MC Ash Jattan (okay, to be honest, I would have included some alternative, funny women in the line-up too, so it wouldn't just be an boys' club – it's not as though there aren't brilliant, hilarious women on the scene even while the Cloud Girls and significant other stalwarts are overseas; but that's a discussion for another blog post).

It starts at 7:30pm. You want a good night of comedy, come.


The Long Version:

Now lives here.

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