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A little while ago I stumbled upon the Hollywood Thanksgiving Trope. I'm sure I was always aware of it, but I only became aware that I was aware of it while discussing the most important US holiday with my American boss. It was for a Thanksgiving-related CunningList article.

With that fresh in my mind, I couldn't help but use it as my point of departure when reviewing Jack And Jill for FilmInk.

Normally, I don't spend time ruminating on art I don't particularly like. But when asked to review a current release film, you owe it to your readers to let them know when they're possibly going to be wasting time and money. It's a different story for a take-home DVD where it can be stopped and replaced with another one as cheaply bought or rented while there's still time to see something else.

It's a long 90 minutes when Katie Holmes is a pleasure to see - although the real pleasure is seeing her get beat up by a jealous tranny [1] towards the end… Read the review.

Image from PerezHilton.com


1. Apologies to any transvestite who finds the term ‘tranny’ perjorative – although David Spade owes you a bigger apology. And Sandler owes a bigger one still. To everyone.

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