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Tom Waits for no one

Shoulda known something was up when this excellent mash-up clip was doing the rounds. Cookie Monster covering his vocal doppelganger, Tom Waits.


Worth noting that while the vocal similarities between Cookie Monstor and Tom Waits are obvious, it is accidental. Whereas The Muppet Show's philosophical balladeer Rolf was definitely modelled on Waits.


More recently, the title track from Waits’s new album, Bad As Me, was released as a teaser to herald the album (due to land in Australia in about a week). The song's a corker. I like it so much I’d make it my wedding song. If only… I could find someone… bad as me.

    Tom Waits - Bad As Me by antirecords


** Addendum - 22/06/2013 **

Turns out the SoundCloud file has been removed. Here's the YouTube clip instead:

** Addendum ends **

Tom’s been notoriously protective of his work over the years; he’s not sanctioned any of his music for advertising. He’s even gone so far as to pursue Frito-Lay through the courts for an advertising campaign which utilised a song in his style. It would appear they're not the only ones, seeing as the clip below also references Waits. How many foolhardy advertising angencies are there? With ignorant clients?


Explains why Tom's so cautious with the first clip off the album - as he explains here, regarding the pitfalls of putting your music 'out there', online. 

He's got a suitably eccentric old school solution to having his stuff ripped off.

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