Hurtling towards the End of the World
’Ullo Victoria!
Gotta New Obscenity Law?



As a freelance writer/broadcaster/nerd, life is always famine or feast. If you’ve been visiting this website regularly but not seen an update in a while, chances are we’re in one of the tighter periods. Don’t fret – there are two things you could choose to do – one is a coping mechanism, the other is a remedy. I reckon you should do both:

a) Visit my tumblr account, which usually just receives feeds from everything else I do over the net. When I can’t afford to keeps this blog running, that’s where I shall update. But first:

b) Make a donation to my paypal account so I can afford to continue waxing lyrical about the various interests that keep you coming back here.

In fact, consider making one even if you visit regularly and I update regularly, or if you just stumbled onto this site after googling the phrase ‘stand and deliver’ in the hope it’ll help you compose that term paper on the film starring Lou Diamond Phillips or provide information on Adam and the Ants or an 80s cover band.

What I’m saying is, what ever your reason for being here, please help keep informed, independent journalism alive – and my idiosyncratic ramblings – and consider clicking the button. Cheers.

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