Mum’s the word

Some change from silly money…

A couple of days a go, a poorly worded phrase on an advertisement inspired a blog post.

I took issue with the logic – or rather, lack thereof – embodied within this statement:

Old offer

My criticism also included discussion of the ad’s recursive imagery, which I felt was far cleverer than the text (because its absurdity was deliberate, artistic, eye-catching):


It would appear somebody has taken my criticism to heart. The page has been updated with a less absurd offer of service:

New offer

And the recursion has been replaced with an image that is as cutely absurd, albeit slightly less artful – the ‘screen’ being ‘peeled back’ to reveal… well, it doesn’t matter what it is; I’m inadvertently driving traffic to their website, clearly, because they’ve obviously traced the link back and read what I have to say about it. I don’t have to pretend I understand it or care about it.

Peel screen

So there you have it: I may not have ‘gone viral’, but I seem to be having some effect.

Designer types: hire me to point out ridiculous verbiage before you go live.

Big corporate entities with silly money to spend on websites, hire me to drive traffic to them by being cynical and critical. I, too, could do with some change.

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