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Christmas time is here again

Ecco Hammo

Many years ago I encountered a story-telling comic who was excellent to watch in action. He knew how to spin a yarn and be hilarious in the process.

At the time, I felt compelled to ask him if he’d ever heard Woody Allen’s stand-up (settle down, it was during the pre-YouTube/Facebook/MySpace age, you actually needed to read stuff or know people who read stuff to know about stuff back then). Cos this comic’s story-telling style – reminded me of Woody Allen’s stand-up.

Of course the comic knew Woody Allen’s stand-up; the comic was one of those people who actually read stuff and knew people who read stuff. That comic was – and continues to be – Justin Hamilton, a brilliant writer and stand-up comic. (Of course he’d know stuff; being a brilliant writer, he’d also have to be a brilliant reader; you can’t be good at writing if you’re not also good at reading.)

Furthermore, for his 2011 festival show Circular, Hammo has a pretty impressive poster. How impressive? The only reason this blog exists is to give me an excuse to publish it.

Nice work, Hammo.


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