Ryan to get to the top
Bein’ McKellen
(or: ‘It’s not easy being read’)

Havin’ A Schitzo On The Train

What’s the point of lying? I’m not going to lie. This is my favourite meme-in-the-making. And I think I’m in love.

This Superwoman puts the Chk-Chk-BOOM! chick to shame.

I just can’t wait until someone with autotune turns ‘Bogan Woman On A Train’ into a song on iTunes, or at least converts all of the choice quotes into t-shirt slogans.

It shouldn’t be too long before Channel 9 beats the rest of Australia’s media to the punch, hiring her as an entertainment reporter for A Current Affair, or at the very least, have her list her best reality TV moment on an episode of 20 to 1.

Be warned. Australian spoken English. And lots of swearing.


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