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Good Bat Day Man

Finished the final performance of Crossing Over, my 2010 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show with two brilliant comics and great friends, Chris North and Julia Clark; spent a couple of hours drinking and then eating with Kat, a punter I met after the show; went to the final Festival party and actually stayed for most of the night – something I rarely do. Now I'm wide awake for no good reason, so it's about time I returned to this all-too-often neglected blog.

Saturday turned out to be a good day of photographs. A buddy who shall remain nameless showed me an excellent cookbook he managed to snaffle a copy of – The Pasta Bible. I've blogged poetic about my passion for pasta before.

Pasta bible

What makes this book excellent is that it's the impossible to locate first edition – impossible to locate because it's been pulped, on account of an unfortunate typographical error that occurs in the recipe for Spelt Tagliatelle With Sardines.

Spelt tagliatelle

In the second column of ingredients there is an item that I can only assume was supposed to be black pepper. My questions are as follows:

How radically do you have to misspell 'pepper' in order to have it default to the word the spell checker chose?

Or was it a Freudian slip – revealing the author's true feeling about that thing that isn't pepper?

And why did no sub-editor pick up the error before a major print run and subsequent recall and pulping?

Black people

That was a pretty good morning. But before its end, the day got much, much better.

In the Peter Cook bar of Melbourne's Town Hall, I ran into Amanda Buckley, an awesome actor and impro comic, who announced, "Dom! I was looking for you yesterday – I was in a cubicle in the women's toilet and took this photo…"

At this point I had no idea where exactly Amanda was headed with this information; she had pulled out her mobile phone and was searching through the photos. Do I want to know what it was she photographed in the loo?

"People must have thought something weird was going on, because I burst out laughing, and then I took a photo…"

Still not sure what I was about to see, she handed me her phone. She had photographed this graffito in a cubicle in the women's lavatory on Collins St, outside of Melbourne Town Hall:


How cool! Best review of the festival. And possibly the title and poster of my show next year!

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