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Photo finish


Let me begin by explaining that this photo was taken in the afternoon on Wednesday 30 December 2009, and admitting that it would have been better if I’d taken the time to switch the ‘date and time’ setting on. But I have to add that I was taken the photo on the fly; I’d already been admonished for taking photographs in this shopping centre.

Point is, it’s a large shopping centre, and I’ve only seen this sign once, in one place, on Wednesday 30 December 2009. I’m not going to rant about hypocracy – “What, smoke free? Is the tobacconist closing? Will the supermarkets and newsagencies cease selling cigarettes?” – but I will suggest a couple of options of what the sign is actually saying. Like, perhaps:

Nope, we still haven’t twigged that the day after 31 December 2009 is in fact 1 January 2010.

Or maybe:

Yes, we’ve spotted the typo. We’re just too cheap to bother correcting it.

Or perhaps it’s not a typo; perhaps the shopping centre ceased to be ‘smoking’ in January 2009 and they’ve only just started getting the signage out now. This would also explain why they still haven’t put any other signage saying, ‘this shopping centre is non-photogaphing from the date of a certain unfortunate up-skirting event’.

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