A Wool, and he’s funny…
Rockin’ Rollin’ Ridin’

NRL 2009 Grand Final:
Go The Mighty Boosh!

Hard to believe, I know, but the Australian NRL Grand Final is of international importance. So much so that one of the most phenomenal acts in contemporary comedy, The Mighty Boosh, has weighed in with an opinion.

And why not? The 2009 Grand Final is between the Melbourne Storm and the Parramatta Eels. Parramatta is – we keep being reminded – the geographical and demographical centre of Sydney. This stoush really is tapping into that age-old rivalry of the two cities (a rivalry that one city keeps buying into, and that the other city seems not to actually care about).

So which team would The Mighty Boosh come out in favour of? The Boosh are equal parts intellectual and whimsical – very clever, very creative and of course, very funny. “Whimsical and clever?” you’re thinking. “That could only mean ‘Melbourne’. So The Boosh must be into the Melbourne Storm!”

Nope. Sorry. Check the clip out yourself: it’s definitely the Eels.

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