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Kyle Hitler?

Sieg Kyle

I know any blase comments about the Holocaust have to be jumped on, dealt with and brought to light; we can never be complacent about systematic genocide because it happened once and could happen again. But I have to admit from the outset: I don’t honestly believe Kyle Sandilands’s remarks, that comedian Magda Szubanksi ought to be put in a concentration camp in order to lose weight, were deliberately and specificly anti-Semitic. More likely he was just being ignorant, stupid and insensitive. Again. So what else is new? 

Still, the opportunity to have fun with a photo is too good to resist. Because everyone looks funny with a Hitler moustache. And Kyle normally has such stupid hair that giving him the Hitler-part-and-fringe is a worthy undertaking. Of course, to top it all off, ‘Kyle Hitler’ is a nice rhyme, but ‘Sieg Kyle’ is a glorious pun, particularly if you shout it with the accent.

Finally, I just want to remind 2Day FM that if it really needs on its breakfast shift a fat ugly bastard with ridiculous facial hair and a pathological need to talk complete bollocks without first thinking, I’m available.

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