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Shooting Stars

Warning: This is yet another contribution to the interwebs meme involving the ‘Chk-Chk BOOM’ chick; if you’re sick to death of hearing about it and her, skip down to William M. Castleman’s truly beautiful clip of the Milky Way captured above Texas. Otherwise, read on.


Just as people were amassing number one hits on YouTube for their ‘Chk-Chk BOOM’  remixes, and the alleged ‘skinnier wog’ victim of the Kings Cross shooting, Justin Kallu, was speaking out against new internet celebrity Clare Werbeloff for getting all the attention with her ‘fat wog/skinnier wog’ routine while he was the one getting caps busted in his ass, it turns out the eyewitness account of Swanny’s mate was all a figment of her chemically enhanced imagination.

Still, her ability to sniff out a camera and perform in front of it should stand her in good stead – she’s as good as any other media poppet thrust undeservingly into the limelight. Although, should she land a media job as a result of this escapade and subsequent interview on A Current Affair or the like, chances are she’ll just as likely lose it years from now after a footy team breaks down on Four Corners and tells how she forcibly had sex with them in a hotel room and didn't even have the decency to hug them and put them in a cab afterwards. (This isn’t a value judgement; I’m just saying, even if she can rise to a challenge as readily as she appears capable, there’s still the fickle nature of celebrity in the modern age to contend with.)

Meanwhile, here is an EP’s worth of those remixes proving so popular on YouTube, to download and burn for your own entertainment. I would have gone to the trouble of mocking up a ‘cover’ but there’s hardly any point now.

01 Chk-Chk Boom - Clare Werbeloff Club Mix by Breko
02 Chk Chk BOOM - Clare Werbeloff remixed by elm11g
03 Fully Sik Boyz remixed by supak001dud3
04 Trent from punchy Vs. Chk Chk BOOM - Clare Werbeloff X Cross Girl - Remix by pierrepress
05 Chk Chk Boom - TFF Remix by The Friday Fix (TFF)
06 CLARE Werbeloff Chk-Chk Boom GrantWho? RMX by grantwho
07 Chk-Chk Boom: Clare Werbeloff REMIX by rocktalent
08 Chick Chick Boom (Man Shot Twice In Kings Cross) by rey82rey82
09 Merrick & Rosso & Kate Ritchie’s Chk Chk Boom (Kings Cross Bogan Re-Edit) by nova969webguy
10 Clare Werbeloff - CHK CHK BOOM Shake The Room Remix by riverendnet
11 Clare Werbeloff Rap by Mr Gooooooooogle
12 Boom Boom Boom by Black Eye Peas featuring Clare Werbeloff, remixed by ljraggy
13 Chk Chk Boom HIP HOP remix (Clare the Bogan) by reschla
14 MIA feat. Clare Werbleloff - Paper Planes on Kings Cross (CJScape Remix) by CJScape
15 Man Shot Twice At Kings Cross – the original soundbite.

I guess it’d be more ethical if I presented the clips as well. I included the original in a previous blog.

As for the remixes, they are, in order:

• Breko’s ‘Chk-Chk Boom - Clare Werbeloff Club Mix’:

• elm11g’s ‘Chk Chk BOOM - Clare Werbeloff’:

• supak001dud3’s ‘Fully Sik Boyz’:

• pierrepress’s ‘Trent from punchy Vs. Chk Chk BOOM - Clare Werbeloff X Cross Girl -Remix’:

• ‘The Friday Fix’s Chk Chk Boom - TFF Remix’:

• grantwho’s ‘CLARE Werbeloff Chk-Chk Boom GrantWho? RMX’:

• rocktalent’s ‘Chk-Chk Boom: Clare Werbeloff REMIX’:

• rey82rey82’s ‘Chick Chick Boom (Man Shot Twice At Kings Cross)’:

• nova969webguy’s ‘Merrick & Rosso & Kate Ritchie’s Chk Chk Boom (Kings Cross Bogan Re-Edit)’:

• riverendnet’s ‘Clare Werbeloff – CHK CHK BOOM Shake the Room Remix’:

• MrGooooooooogle’s ‘Clare Werbeloff Rap’:

• ljraggy’s ‘Boom Boom Boom’:

• reschla’s ‘Chk Chk Boom HIP HOP Remix (Clare the Bogan):

• CJScape’s ‘Mia feat. Clare Werbeloff – Paper Planes on Kings Cross’:

And finally, as a reward for having come this far, my favourite clip at the moment – the one that does the title ‘Shooting Stars’ the most justice – is William M. Castleman’s footage of the galactic centre of the Milky Way rising over Texas:

William Castleman on Vimeo.

Oh, but why end it here?

Here’s one final ‘clip’ – the song ‘Calling Occupants’. You might know it by The Carpenters, but the original version was by a Canadian band called Klaatu whose self-titled album appeared on the Capitol label in the US in 1976. ‘Klaatu’ is a reference to The Day The Earth Stood Still, which Ringo Starr happened to reference in the cover artwork and advertising of his 1974 album Goodnight Vienna. That, and the fact that the Beatles as a group and as solo artists were signed to Capitol in the US led people to suspect the anonymous Canadian band Klaatu was in fact the Beatles recording under a pseudonym. It wasn’t.

Klaatu barada nikto!

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