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I just can’t help myself. A walk down the street is an opportunity to misread or see the potential for wordplay in every situation.

So I’m in a music shop and notice this Shuggy Otis CD. If you’re into good sounding guitar you should listen to this guy. His dad Johnny was someone Frank Zappa quite admired. I have two of his albums. But I couldn’t work out why this release was in a section called ‘No Funk Soul’– sure, distinguish it from ‘Funky Soul’ if you must, but what do those sub-genres even mean? And who’s deciding what areas they cover? Cos there are only two CDs in the ‘No Funk Soul’ section, and the Shuggy Otis CD, which I own a copy of, certainy has funk and soul.

And then I realise it’s a design flaw in the stationery: there isn’t a subgenre known as ‘No Funk Soul’, rather, the ‘N, O Funk/Soul’ section comes before the ‘P Funk/Soul’ section.


PS This post’s title comes from a chart-topping single by Doug Mulray

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