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Omigod, not half-eaten pizza!

Hilited_half-eaten pizza

I can't quite tell if the local journalist who cobbled this together is a bit shit, or just intent on showing how the Malaysian reporter of the New Strait Times is a bit shit. Essentially, it's the story of a sex-and-drugs scandal involving a couple of high profile citizens (including a newsreader, no less!) who also happen to be women, horror of horrors. But early on, in trying to paint a picture of the scene of debauchery, half-eaten pizza turns up as part of the damning evidence.

Perhaps the journalist just doesn’t like pizza.

Or perhaps pizza has long been a symbol of moral turpitude and I just wasn't aware of it: in the US, or at least, in US popular culture, pizza parlors (or, less fruitily, ‘pizza joints’) are frequently Mafia fronts – either a money laundering business, a place to hide an imported hit-man until the job is done, or at the very least, somewhere people with names like Frankie the Fish and Joey Clams can hang out between running numbers and collecting tributes. No doubt, in countries desperately resisting Coca Colanisation, pizza is just another symbol of the decadent west.

Or perhaps the paper should change its name to The Straightest of Times.

Here’s the original article:

Half-eaten pizza

Does it make you even a bit curious as to how the likes of Samantha Armytage or Juanita Phillips Nicole Chettle saw in the new year? Even though Andrew O’Keefe decided to stay in after the recent fuss (why did the phrase ‘gutter journalism’ not come up?!), I hear that he still ordered take away pizza and only ate half of it.

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