What made my interest rate increase…
Noble Cliches

“Honey, I think we should start
not seeing other people”

Okay, here's the thing: I know this couple – they’ve been together for a while. And they’re religious. I’d say ‘Christian’, but one of them is full on Catholic, and from experience, some Christians don’t necessarily consider Catholics to be ‘in the faith’, as it were.

Anyway, this couple are quite devout. To the point where, as I understand it, they don’t actually have intercourse. Yet.

So. Not sleeping with each other. Totally dedicated to each other, though. Been together a while. Maybe it started to get boring, this not sleeping with each other – a bit methodical and predictable. Because now they've suddenly announced that they’re in an open relationship.

Forgive me, but how the hell does that work?

Rather than not sleeping with each other exclusively, they’ve decided to start not sleeping with other people.

Perhaps they’ll try to spice it up in the bedroom – not sleeping with the same person. A mirage a trois. Or quatre. Or cinq. Full on orgies they could not be having. Kinky.

Actually, all this sexy talk has gotten me a bit hot. I’m not gonna go into the next room and relieve myself. Who knows, I may even lay awake tonight, not fantasizing about them.

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