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Another reason why Adam Hills is a dude…

Shonky Awards

A little while ago, Choice (formerly Choice Magazine, but since it now has a strong online presence, just Choice) enjoyed its fiftieth anniversary, celebrating with the inaugural Shonky Awards, at which the ten most “unsafe, unethical, dishonest of plain hilarious” products of the last twelve months are unveiled. The event was hosted by the Rampaging Roy Slaven and H.G. Nelson (ie ‘Roy & H.G.’).

There is a short film that has been compiled from the event — which I attended in my capacity as wearer-of-a-shirt-of-a-podcast-that-doesn’t-get-advertised-any- other-way. I made the final cut and, to celebrate, lifted some ‘stills’ (screen caps) of me pontificating at the event, for the sheer hell of it. Annemarie Lopez’s right side appears as itself.


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