Shonky Awards

Before he was one of the country’s greatest stand-up comics…

One of my favourite videos is Coatsie’s home recording of The D-Generations’s Country Homestead. It’s funny for so many reasons. It’s one of a series of four D-Generation specials that was made after the D-Gen moved from the ABC to Channel 7. They did a series of four one-off specials, and a certain Michael Molloy had joined the team since their final ABC series. But part of the joy of watching that special are the ads, since it was taped off the telly without the pedantic anal retention required to pause the video during the commercial breaks. What we should be doing is scanning it intently for hilariously dated thirty-second masterpieces, to upload to YouTube. Well, someone ought to, for without such activity being undertaken, how would we ever discover the early work of some of our greatest talents?

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check these out:




And see him in context:

Note: this ad wasn’t broadcast during D-Generation’s Country Homestead; it came a few years later. Thanks to ryttu3k for sharing it on Live Journal.

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