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What I’ve Been Up To Pt I

As has been noted by regular visitors to this blog [and I admit, there are far more of you than would be anticipated given that] I have neglected updates to this site for some time now. I’d like to write “all that is about to change”, but it may not. In the short term, if you want to know what has been taking place on Planet Dom, take a quick peek at my ‘about me’ page. Over the next few hours (or days or weeks or months or years) I will attempt to flesh some of the finer points out. Or perhaps I won’t bother.

Meanwhile, while I hope never to return to the state of affairs or mindset that gave rise to it, I did quite like the bleak bio I used to have appearing on the afore-mentioned ‘about me’ page — not because I necessarily know that those days are well and truly behind me, only as a reminder that these days now constitute a great phase of life and career, and should things change for the worse (as they may well do) that they will be able to change for the better again; I have no reason to whinge or obsess as I once did. [Although I will take that tone occasionally when adopting the role of ‘social anthropologist’, providing commentary on any of the cultural ephemera I happen to be enjoying at the time.] So I reproduce that old bio here:

I recently realised that I have entered the ‘serial killer’ demographic: I haven’t held down a decent job for quite a while, I live with my mum, I spend more time with my computer than I do with other people, and, were the press or police to ask, the neighbours would have to admit that they don’t see me all that often because I pretty much keep to myself. I’m not saying that everyone around me is going to start getting bumped off, but if they did, I’d be one of the first people recruited to ‘assist police with their enquiries’. Of course, hordes of people used to meet their grizzly and untimely demise around Angela Lansbury and Hercule Poirot all the time and nobody seemed to think that that was weird.

But before ending this post on what would still sound like a downer, I’d like to add that I didn't actually get around to updating the bio until prompted by the receipt of my first (and only, to date) bit of unsolicited but very positive fanmail. And I’m just the kind of egotistical megalomaniac to share it with you!


I just thought I'd let you know how awesome your interviews are with all the comedians (as if you didn't all ready know!). I really enjoy reading/listening to them you always ask the questions I would like to ask them if I ever got to meet them. I particularly enjoy your Tripod and Wil interviews. How you can not have a full job on radio or tv or is beyond me! Unless you do have one and haven't updated you bio thing in which case what is it and do we get to watch/hear/read it?

When recommend your site to my friends I usually describe you as an Andrew Denton for comedians, but without the funny shaped head or glasses and also your interviewees don't usually end up crying. Then I usually give up and quote Wil and tell them Dom Romeo is the best comedy writer in Australia! Go and see his site already!

Am I able to make a ‘request’? Would you be able to pull any strings somehow and score an interview with the great Ted Robinson? The man is a living legend responsible or behind for almost every successfull Australian comedy tv show and there is nothing out there on him!

Anyway there wasn't really a point to this e-mail apart from saying how much I like your work which I did a paragraph or so ago. So keep up the great work!


I’m particularly proud of this unmitigated praise because it’s clearly coming from a fellow massive comedy fan. Her e-mail address is proof enough of that — it’s (and I publish it with permission)

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