Brian Eno Roxy’s The Vote
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Scion Ferry Also Roxy’s the Vote

Unfortunately, Brian Eno didn’t rise to the challenge with an adequate campaign bleep for Reg Keys and the Right Honourable Tony Blair was returned with a landslide. (Blair’s campaign song, as it happens, was the Eno-produced U2 song ‘Beautiful Day’.) But Eno wasn’t the only person connected to Roxy Music trying to give the Prime Minister grief.

Otis Ferry, son of Bryan, by all reports a bigger knob-twiddler than Eno and Blair put together, is dirty with the Prime Minister on account of the outlawing of fox hunting. He was arrested for lunging at the newly re-elected PM.

While the return of Blair to No. 10 Downing street might not bode well for Otis’s cause, at least there is a bright side: another term of Jon Culshaw’s impressions of the PM on Dead Ringers.

Have a listen to Blair’s victory speech.

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