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Girt by Sea


During the usual course of selecting idyllic wedding photo locations at Long Reef on the weekend after Australia Day, this lovely little image proved difficult to pass by without committing to posterity. I’ll have you know that it took several goes to have the flag unfurling and in focus; where’d we be without digital cameras?

Why the flag is where it is can only be explained, I suppose, by the patriots – early birds who got bacon, eggs and damper – on location on the morning of Wednesday 26.

Now, however, it looks as though HMAS Wherethefuckarewe ran aground at Long Reef.

A little later, I realised it makes a suitable illustration for the following poem, inspired by beachy barbecues on Australia Day, and SMS’d to me by its author in the early hours following some late night beers:

Bodysurfing the blue hills.
Swelter crowning Dardenelles.
Irish bloom, Chinese swells.
Duckdive hands run along the sandy bottom
Tickling the belly of the earth.

Christopher Stevens

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