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Freelance wordsmith, cultural historian, broadcaster and peformer.


Dom Romeo, Australia's premier comedy nerd, is a writer, blogger, broadcaster, podcaster and cultural commentator intent on devising a unified field theory of comedy. Having presented the dedicated comedy podcast Radio Ha Ha for a year for the Macquarie Radio Network, he occasionally presents the comedy podcast Stand & Deliver! independently. Prior to these endeavours, he featured on ABC NewsRadio presenting a Music News segment, and was frequently heard as a comedy and music nerd on various other ABC stations. His five-year stint presenting a music segment on 2GB, sponsored by Mall Music – – recently ended when the station decided sport was far superior to arts and entertainment as a way to fill the spaces between erectile disfunction and retirement fund ads on summer weekends, so he will happily bring his knowledge and talent to the spaces between these ads elsewhere.

Dom’s writing has appeared in GQ, Men’s Style Australia, Zoo, Last, Juice, Deadpan and the short-lived zine Stand & Deliver! and currently appears each month in FilmInk – – on the ‘Piss Funny: Comedy DVDs reviews page, as well as in interviews. He also provides interviews with metal musicians for motorcycle mag Live To Ride. Until recently he served as sub-editor of News Magazine’s Modern Boating and Modern Fishing magazines and provided a regular column for BCME. He has cast his sub-editing eye over Chopper, Overlander, Truckin’ Life, Trucks & Trailers, Tattoo and Fast Fours at News Magazines, and the(sydney)magazine and Sunday Life at Fairfax.

For the last few years Dom has judged [Sydney heats of] the Australian Raw Comedy competition run by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – – for whom he also continues to present a comedy appreciation course entitled Dissecting the Frog – for more details.

He has compiled a collection of jokes entitled Have You Heard The One About… published by New Holland. Remaindered copies still turn up in bargain basement bookshops but haven’t troubled the comedy shelf of any of his favourite secondhand bookshops, as yet.

His blog is being archived by the National Library of Australia – .

When not indulging in music and comedy nerdery, Dom can be found rifling through boxes of records in second hand shops. No, hang on, that’s further evidence of music (and comedy!) nerdery.

Barry Humphries once advised Dom that "people just don't realise how much they need you yet". Ben Elton acknowledged that he "really knows" his "stuff". Gail Zappa declared him her "new favourite sit-down comedian". He made Stephen Fry LOL on Twitter, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson offered to shag his sister and Spike Milligan told him to “bugger off!”

Dom doesn’t mind bragging about the comedy heroes he’s been privileged to meet, or talking about himself in third person.


Devising a unified field theory of comedy.