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Check this out:

  • 4 Inch Heels Only
    Earth-shattering news from the world of fashion publishing.
  • Alright Tit
    Lisa Lynch is not the only twentysomething with breast cancer, just the one with the biggest gob.
  • Clem Bastow
    Arts journalist and model
  • Coatsie in FilmInk
    Still more Coatsie
  • Emma Driver
    Singer/songwriter, music-player, mouth-trumpeter, Manilow-lover, career dag.
  • Fishwife
  • Foe Romeo
    I'm an Australian shivering in London Helsinki London.
  • Fourteen 14
    14 illustrates the sordid world of gossip and slander while trying to keep a straight face.
  • Fred Smith
    ‘Billy Bragg meets Noel Coward’ and ‘Leonard Cohen meets Rolf Harris’ are amongst the attempts critics have made to describe this great Australian songwriting enigma.
  • Fritz
    Reminiscences waxed poetically.
  • Gagging For It (Australian Comedy News)
    Viv Smythe’s excellent Oz Comedy portal.
  • Hanan Levin
    Real estate investor, business man, inventor, entrepreneur, published poet
  • Joe Romeo
    Gentleman country doctor-cum-composer of songs of praise.
  • Kerri Wood
    Struggling writer who is proud of her rejection letters.
  • Maireid Sullivan
    Celtic vocalist and cultural curator
  • Mandy Flombay
    No-nonsense chef who refuses to mince words but still cooks up a storm.
  • More Simon Coates
  • Muze
    Muzing on the big and little questions of life.
  • Nick O'Sullivan
    My favourite artist/illustrator.
  • Nick O'Sullivan
    He can't be bothered submitting a bio because he's too busy drawing!
  • Peter Wilson
    Peter Wilson is a web developer.
  • Punk & Blanket
    Owners of a very funny blog!
  • Radio Ha Ha
    Episode transcripts and information about Radio Ha Ha
  • Rory Ewins
    Cartooning, poltical theorising and web designing former Taswegian currently residing in Edinburgh.
    A’s inquisitive, whimsical, facetious, iridescent, loquacious, harmonious blog.
  • Simon Coates
    Simon can’t spell ‘caricature’. He sure can draw them, though.
  • Some cockney geezers
    They're a couple of geezers. They're a little bit whoah, a little bit whoo, and their website is complete and utter bollocks. The dog's bollocks.
  • Stickybeak TV
    My favourite media mercenary.
  • Suzanne Snead
    Site manager, ferret wrangler and lead contact at Shaun Micallef's Online World Around Him
  • Tanya
    Tanya, AKA T, and her travels.
  • Tim Blair
    My favourite ranting right-wing media type.
  • Wombat - aka Alan Moyle
    One of the best photographers in the business, and one who specialises in the photography of comedians