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  • My new comedy podcast! Same as the old one only new. Subscribe to it via iTunes.

  • Dedicated comedy showcase featuring live stand-up, interviews, a weekly gig guide and classic comedy clips. Hosted by Dom Romeo and a different guest comedian each week. Some episodes have been transcribed. Show ceased production at the end of 2006, replaced by Stand & Deliver.

Songs of a Misspent Youth

  • From Beginning To End
    The first real Psychedelic Spew song… originally perpetrated on a Sharp three-in-one hifi stereo system whose pause button was miraculously in perfect alignment with the record and erase heads; that mastertape is long gone. This time round, I [mis]used ProTools.
  • No Wucken Furries
    Theme to a derivative, undergraduate, university sketch comedy show, some of which was actually video taped...

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